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May 19, 2007, 12:12:22 am *
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1  Public Consumption / Current Events / Re: SKMP FC First Soccer Game on: May 18, 2007, 09:26:55 am
Best of luck in future games.  I will do my best to attend the next one.  Just try and give us some more advance warning.

2  Public Consumption / General Discussion / Re: I've always liked Drew Remenda on: May 16, 2007, 11:54:56 am
There were actually a number of callers that called in afterwards to make some very good and informed points about the double standard that is held by sporting associations and the speeding ticket thing came up.  A number of examples were cited by callers and Drew himself of other players breaking he law and keeping their jobs if memory serves.

I wasn't on hold for more than 30 seconds because of the fact that I used my title and the producer was willing to let me on real quick because I was at work.  It was actually very busy for me when I called in and because I had a finite amount of time, I just wanted to make friendly banter.  What was really very pleasing was the fact that the average arm chair sports jockey was on side with us and Drew.

3  Public Consumption / Current Events / Re: Annual "Joint" SKMP BBQ Fundraiser June 23rd Saskatoon on: May 14, 2007, 09:44:59 am
Good to see you on here again Mitch.  I hope you can make it out.  It's always fun having you around.

4  Public Consumption / General Discussion / Re: I've always liked Drew Remenda on: May 12, 2007, 10:02:57 pm
Oh sure and Drew has actually mentioned all that before.  I wish I had more time and wasn't driving at the time but the reason I felt so comfortable there was because Drew has said all of this in a number of asides before.  truly a good media figure in terms of our fight for justice.

5  Public Consumption / General Discussion / I've always liked Drew Remenda on: May 11, 2007, 10:45:51 pm
Drew and Brendan were chatting about Ricky Williams tonight and how he has been pretty much screwed out of the CFL because of his choice to use cannabis.  I decided to call in just to add my two cents real quick.  take a listen.


6  Public Consumption / Current Events / Annual "Joint" SKMP BBQ Fundraiser June 23rd Saskatoon on: May 08, 2007, 10:13:48 pm
The second annual "Joint" BBQ fundraiser will be taking place during the afternoon of June 23rd.  Half of our proceeds will be going to AIDS Saskatoon, an exceptionally beneficial local program catering to the community here in Saskatoon.  Check out their website here.

We will be in Kiwanis Park just north of the Delta Bessborough Hotel all afternoon on June 23rd raising money for the SKMP and AIDS Saskatoon.  Come on down to have some fun, chit chat with the SKMP and eat some fairly priced grub.  It all goes to a great cause.

As well, we're always happy to help you set up a BBQ event in areas outside of Saskatoon.  If you would like some help to put on a local SKMP fund raiser, feel free to contact us to start things in motion.

7  Public Consumption / Cannabis News In SK / Re: Incorrect medical pot story gets undeserved prominence on: May 08, 2007, 01:34:56 pm
See?  More and more confusing.  I have a feeling that an access to information request will soon become neccessary rather than simply preferable.  I'm not entirely certain what we'll be asking for though.  I'm going to have to try and see what the CP reporter got through their access to information request.

8  Public Consumption / Cannabis News In SK / Re: Incorrect medical pot story gets undeserved prominence on: May 08, 2007, 12:45:45 pm
Mr Zettl is out of the office today.  Already tried to call.

See Moe, that's what confuses me.  Everything seems to imply that they are indeed paid a lump sum for a particular amount of that does indeed beg the question as to what happens with the extra left just doesn't seem normal.

This was so simple before...pot crappy, pot expensive, pot better off grown by patient.  Now it's a convoluted mish mash in my head about what happens to money, how much of it is paid out, why it's paid out and so on.  I've become fairly confused by all of this and it's starting to smell.

9  Public Consumption / Cannabis News In SK / Re: Incorrect medical pot story gets undeserved prominence on: May 08, 2007, 11:29:38 am
You know It's getting tough to work out a reply.  I'm trying to get some clarity on the PPS contract and have phoned people in Ottawa, Quebec and who knows where else.

I can't even figure out for certain whether PPS gets a lump sum for costs or is provided money only when product is recieved.  I mean I'm pretty sure it's lump sum but when I asked, I was told that I would have to file an Access To Information Request to get my answer.  *sigh*

10  Public Consumption / Cannabis News In SK / Re: Incorrect medical pot story gets undeserved prominence on: May 08, 2007, 08:48:33 am
Mr Zettl's letter is...odd.  I'll be firing off a response today but this letter really gets me thinking.  I think I may have hit a nerve in the worst way.  Whenever PPS is asked about medical marijuana, they always always always tell you to go to Health Canada.  They don't want to talk about that ever...and now Mr Zettl writes a letter to the editor of all things.

Ah well, it's easy to respond to but it doesn't have a lot to do with my letter.  The fact that he responded to my letter specifically with a mathameticianesque rant that had little to do with the content in my letter tells me that I managed to hit a nerve and I have to admit that I like that.  He didnít respond to the story itselfÖno no, he blamed it on me.  Half of me is angry and half of me is just giggling with delight.

11  Public Consumption / General Discussion / FAQ: What're we all about? on: May 06, 2007, 11:32:11 pm
Q: What is the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party?

A: The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party is a provincially registered political party.  We are able to run candidates, fund raise for the cause and do everything any other political party is allowed to do in Saskatchewan.  As a democratic organization, we maintain an open membership to all Residents of our province.

Q: Is anyone paid?

A: No one is currently drawing a salary from the SKMP.  Executive Council members do not receive compensation for their services unless it has been justified to the council and reimbursement for services rendered to the party is always subject to the scrutiny of the council.

Q: Have the police infiltrated the SKMP?

A: To the best of our knowledge, no police have infiltrated the SKMP but we can't ever be certain.  The fact of the matter is that as a democratic political organization, we maintain an open membership and it would not be at all difficult for some one associated with a law enforcement agency to purchase a membership.  If you are planning to use the SKMP to deal in any illegal goods, this probably isnít the place for you.  The SKMP is not a social club or a dealer's network, it is a political organization meant to work legally within the system to effect change.

Q: Why not have a declaration for people to sign saying they aren't Law Enforcement?

A: In its beginning, the SKMP did bring up the idea of requiring new members to sign a declaration on the back of their membership card or on their membership form stating they were not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.  This was tossed for two reasons.

Firstly, we do not wish to close our membership to anyone.  The SKMP Executive Council is currently of the collective opinion that if RCMP or other law enforcement officers wish to join our organization, we would hope they would do so with an open mind or perhaps even a receptive one.  Secondly and more importantly, police are given tools that allow them to perjure themselves for drug investigations.  We would be incredibly upset to find out that an SKMP member had been busted after exchanging something with another member because they had thought they were safe from law enforcement officers due to a useless declaration on the back of their membership card.  We are not in the business of asking people to pay us $10 for a false sense of security.  Remember, as stated above, the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party is not a social club or dealer's network; we are an organization that works within the law to change it.

Q: Do you guys do events or parties?

A: We are currently in the process of making a presentation that can be presented at private functions so that you can ask that we come by to speak just to you and your friends.  As for other public events, we are increasingly able to put on live music shows and public awareness campaigns.  We look forward each and every year to the Saskatoon River rally and other events that are announced on our web page.

Q: Can you fund my court case?

A: We do not currently have a legal defence fund in place.  We may be able to offer support for fundraisers but this is often difficult for us to do.

Q: Are you just about legalizing marijuana?

A: The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party is an unabashedly one issue party.  Our goal and generally accepted purpose is to ensure that the Saskatchewan government is held to account for its culpability in denying people of their rights as well as making sure that the people of Saskatchewan know what an injustice cannabis prohibition really is.

Q: Why don't you address other important issues?

A: Within the SKMP you can find conservatives, liberals, atheists, true believers, young, old, well educated people and those who are still learning.  Truth be told, if the SKMP were to take on issues outside of cannabis prohibition, we would probably be steeped in disagreement but there is one thing we can all agree on and that's the fact that cannabis prohibition must end and that the province of Saskatchewan can do something about it.  We are a coalition of people from all walks of political life banding together to bring an end to one incredibly urgent problem.

Q: What are your long term goals?

A: The SKMP hopes to see the province of Saskatchewan operating under a federal blanket section 56 exemption to administer it's own system of regulation concerning cannabis.  It is within the power of the province to either request a section 56 exemption from the federal government concerning cannabis laws (much like the section 56 exemptions that were given out to the first federal medical marijuana patients) or exercise its power in administering the justice system to defy federal injustice.  It is entirely within the power of the provincial attorney general to stay any charges relating to cannabis in provincial courts.

All in all, the SKMP has a long term vision and exists to promote that vision.  We also wish to help local cannabis activism in any way we can by providing volunteers or even financial aid to some if it's within our ability to do so.  Raising awareness of the injustice of cannabis prohibition in Canada and working to end that injustice are the highlights of our intended goals.

This post is an informational post and may be altered from time to time
12  Public Consumption / Introduce Yourself! / Re: New here from Good old Toon Town! on: May 06, 2007, 11:28:43 pm
Aloha Majestix, I assume I'll be seeing you tomorrow with grinders in hand.  I'm about to post an FAQ in the general discussion area of our forum.  Feel free to give it a read.  It should answer a number of questions and it is definitely a recommended read for those who are considering joining the SKMP as there are qualities of a political party that are sometimes not desirable to your average activist and sometimes even more extra added motivation.

That being said, I'm happy that well have you aboard and I'm sure our Party Leader Nathan will be as well.  We'll always be able to use help from our members whether it's something like designing a poster, helping to write a power point presentation, putting posters up, volunteering to help at events, just showing up for good times or what ever may come up.  A member recently told me about a great idea to set up a mobile booth for the SKMP so we are easily able to be present at events across the province and this is something that will certainly require all kinds of help from SKMP members.

So check out the general discussion area and let us know if you have any other questions.  We're always happy to welcome people into the fold.

13  Public Consumption / Current Events / Re: Global Marijuana March, May 5th, 2007, Saskatoon on: May 06, 2007, 10:21:21 am
Splendoriffic photos all round.  Just fantastic.

14  Public Consumption / Current Events / Re: Global Marijuana March, May 5th, 2007, Saskatoon on: May 06, 2007, 08:39:59 am
These were some action shots.  I know Moe has some pictures that better illustrate the number of people present which was about 60 or so.  Certainly not the 20,000 that Toronto had but way better than last year which was about five...there was no march last year and we werenít going to let that happen again.

Funny story.  At the beginning of the march, there was a wedding party at the Vimy Memorial in Kiwanis park and as i walked towards them with my Bullhorn, I was thinking to myself "Sheeze, these guys are gonna be pissed off.  Ah well, can't be avoided."

Well this inner monologue turned out to be a falsehood.  As signs were unveiled and announcements blasted into the air that the GMM was about to start in mere minutes, people from the wedding party came forward and asked that they get their pictures taken with us.  What a fantastic thing to happen I thought.

Can't wait for Moe's pictures of the march was a very good day.

15  Public Consumption / Introduce Yourself! / Re: ALL CANNABIS CANADIANS VOTE GREEN FEDERALLY on: May 01, 2007, 05:39:49 am
Congratulations John.  I look forward to hearing more about your campaign.  Any activist running for office is a welcome and courageous act.

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