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August 02, 2007, 12:00:15 am *
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Author Topic: My Canada day includes police.  (Read 90 times)
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« on: July 04, 2007, 12:37:16 pm »

Why is it that every darn time I go to Diefenbaker park to enjoy the Canada day fireworks I wind up interacting with the S'Toon police? Last year it was "Excess Doobage in a public place" ,this year it was "Excess fireworks at a fireworks show."

I don't know if you attended the fireworks in S'toon's Diefenbaker park this year, but I counted, roughly,a jillion people setting off fireworks in the park(besides of course, the official ones). I was basically minding my own business, setting off the occasional .29 cent firework (not really that spectacular), when I noticed a brilliant flashlight illuminating me from approx.200 yards away on top of the hill. I figured that anyone who had such a strong light must be some sort of authority figure, so I just turned away from the blinding light and waited while the officer ran down the hill.

The reason that I write is because of the F**ed up approach the officer used. I turned my back on the light because it was blinding , but I obviously waited for the officer with my hands in clear view, not moving in any way that could alarm anyone. It took him quite a while because he was holding his flashlight/laser "hand over hand" like you would use for a gun and he had "tactical" pants crammed with "God only knows" police equipment. He approached within 3 feet of me and bellowed (quite unneccisarily) "Have you got any other stupid things you'd like to do?"

Ok, this is why it is bad to do this. He's lucky I'm a big,friendly pothead who doesn't really mind police. If I had been drunk, on real drugs or irritable, I might have missed that he was wearing a uniform and cap because he was intentionally blinding me with the light. It took me a FULL 15 seconds to make out that he was ,in fact, a cop. The whole time he's blinding me intentionally , he's yelling at me. I'm only 6 feet tall, but this cop was standing 2 feet up a hill and he's still a full foot shorter than I am.I'm mentally doing the math about how hard it would be to just crush this guy and move on.

This angry, short guy approach is just completely rife with danger. Many people drink on Canada day and become difficult towards bedtime.Some people do drugs that make them unpredictable. This guy chose to run up and try to startle me.Not very safe, considering he doesn't know my state. He chose to be extremely belligerent which is strange, considering that he had just been kicking back and watching fireworks and collecting double holiday pay. I could see it if it was 9/11 and he was at ground zero, but that wasn't the case. It's sad that some police are so overwhelmed that they can't watch a fireworks display without wanting to strangle the public they are so lavishly paid to "protect."

My giant crime was setting off "skyrockets with report ,.29 cents each @". I was one of approx. 100 people using fireworks after the main fireworks show,but I was the only one threatened with "explosives and terrorism" charges that I know of.I handed the hapless officer about 1.59$ worth of fireworks I had in my pocket but declined to give him the fatty of Jamaican Pearl I was also carrying.(Cops don't appreciate sativas the way we do). 

I decided to play SUPER DUMB and was allowed to leave as usual.My girl, however, decided to get her disgust out. She lit into that cop like he was candy. "What he f**K to you mean threatening us when 100's of others are doing the exact same thing right now, F**K you!" "What about that guy? ..and that guy? Move your butt, they're breaking the law right now!Move it!"  The cop responded with the funniest comment of the year " If everybody was doing drugs, would you do them too?"

"Not only would I do them too, I would be leading the damn parade with a joint in my hand."... was about when I could peel her off the nice officer. He was just livid , looking for any excuse to cuff her up.She was standing on his toes , poking a finger into his bullet proof vest and mocking him.Really amazing what some people can get away with sometimes.

He yelled after me " Why would you think that you can set off fireworks in a public park?" Maybe it had something to do with the 1000X bigger fireworks that I'd just seen or the 100's of people setting them off in said public park, or the fact that it was Canada day, a celebration of an allegedely free country.

I beg the Saskatoon City Police to give their officers more training/screening so they don't come off as total killjoy losers, which is their current reputation. Officer safety would be enhanced by further training , such as how to use a flashlight so as not to dazzle people you want to impress with your little black SS uniform. That little cop almost got himself snuffed because he insisted on using a MACHO approach instead of just being a little polite or tolerant. Provocative actions such as blinding people and yelling orders at them without identifying yourselves as police are very dangerous for the public as well as the police.We expect better for the exorbitant taxes we pay and we expect better officer safety through training not to engage in such unsafe tactics.

I guess I sorta feel sorry for them, getting so wound up by a public holiday that they resort to stupid , unsafe tactics likely to get someone hurt. If a "normal" cop was so stressed out that he wanted to beat a "fireworks offender" on the spot on Canada day what is their day to day experience like? Are they hysterical full time? Are they all walking time bombs? Do they not know that ambushing and yelling at people makes people angry? I feel sorry that they obviously do not recieve adequate "social training" in order to interact smoothly with the community that pays their salaries.

Can you even imagine what might have happened if I had been "less white"?
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« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2007, 12:52:15 pm »

This would make a super letter to the Star Phoenix! Sorry your Canada Day celebration was rained on by some 'downer' cop. It is sort of indicative of the way police now conduct business.

Rather than being a visible part of the celebration, like having the police chief set of the first rocket and having a few of the force selling those great mini-donuts, they come prepared for combat. Didn't this **cker get the memo that Canada Day was suppose to be fun, not combat training.

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« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2007, 03:27:39 pm »

I am afraid to express my opinions about the police in case I ever need them to help me out.  HA HA HA

Anyway, when I split with my completely, insane psycho ex that was threatening to kill me, calling me every insult that exists to let me know that I am shrill, outspoken, promiscuous and unscroggable.  I phoned the cops so they could supervise while I packed my stuff and got out.  My ex told the cop his sob story about how I am just upset because we had a lovers spat, that he was in ill health and had just gotten out of the hospital.  He just needed to talk some sense into me.  Of course the cop totally took his side and called me a liar and yelled at me for wasting his time.  He said, hurry up and get your shit and there is no reason why you can't leave your kids with him until things calm down.  Like I would leave my kids to be abused by that @$*(*($.  It was lovely to be told that I will go back with him anyway and there is no reason for him to be there. If I ever see that cop again I will not be held accountable for my actions.  They may be pawns in a corrupt system but that kind of blatant misogyny and disrespect is inexcusable. 
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« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2007, 03:36:27 pm »

LOL otherside,
I had my ex move in with me, I had a big house but she still had a restraining order against me, so she could clean out the business and personal bank accounts along with everything else we had. Anyway she moved in with me, my house, and had our third child, one morning when I got up she started yelling at me for no reason that I knew of, and ended up stabbing me in the chest with a carving fork, didn't do much damage cause I'm quick, but still, so I called the cops and she took off and the cops came and kicked me out of my house with the clothes I had on my back. Took months to get an apology from the cops and Mayor of Regina but they did come.

I've always gotten along with the cops as long as they show respect, you want to be treat with respect it's best to show it, if they don't I end up in jail for hurting them, babies. But I've seen on the 20th st drag they're being more aggressive towards people jacking them up left, right and centre. Starting a war with people that have nothing to lose ain't to smart. Specially went your family lives in the area, Whats stopping the people's kids from taking it out on yours, at school or at the park, you gonna watch them 24/7? The last stabbing around here caused someone to come back and burn down the house.

 Cops grabbed a kid in front of my house the other day and one got away going through my yard so I tried to help by pointing out which way the little B & E artist went, not even a thx or acknowledgment that I was there. But they want the public to put their lives on the line to make the community safer??? Witness found murdered in burnt out Regina home the day before she was to testify. These up standing people wanting safer neighborhoods shouldn't have to put their families lives on the line for cowardly cops!

example school shootings, can't go in till someone with balls shows up!

If my kid was in a school and some dumb fuck had a gun I'd go in.

The Brits all though the 60's and 70's the IRA were bombing and shooting cops and such, the cops didn't need guns. How about this side of the pond around the same time, and the terrorist groups blowing up cop shops (160+) in the states? The FBI said that to publish the attacks and make a big thing out of it would be playing into the terrorists hands, So why do they make a big thing out of the entrapments/ attempts by groups encouraged by the police/ security forces? The TO group were coached by the RCMP who even delivered the stuff they needed to make the bombs, if the cops showed them how. The Florida group was the samething, protagonists pushing some mentally challenged people into their plans to Terrorize the public.

The Government and Media are the Terrorists, they're the ones putting the fake news out there to scare the people!
Don't believe me look up the definition of Terrorism.
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