Freedom Tour 2008

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Date: Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Civic Square at City Hall, 222 3rd Avenue North

Concerned individuals are hosting Neil Magnuson of the Freedom Tour 2008

Neil Magnuson will be in Saskatoon Saturday, September 20 on the Saskatoon leg of his Freedom Tour 2008.  Neil is rollerblading from Vancouver to Ottawa, celebrating what he recognizes as a new human right: the right of access to hemp in all its forms.

The goal of the Freedom Tour is to expose the dangers of prohibition and the criminal abuses of power by public servants. Prohibition is supposed to prevent the abuse of cannabis by limiting access to this plant, however this strategy results in increased use and abuse and wastes billions of tax and taxable dollars while creating and supporting crime.
Racists, moralists and industrialists use the prohibition of cannabis to further their agendas. Successful lobbying of our politicians has resulted in their interests being protected at the expense of our basic rights and freedoms.   Police, lawyers, courts, a myriad of public bureaucrats and prohibition profiteers are paying their mortgages on the backs of cannabis criminals.

In the U.S., private, for-profit prison corporations are raking in billions of dollars filling contracts using prison labour supplied by the justice system at taxpayers expense (yet another hidden subsidy).

The reefer-madness of the 1900’s continues today with misinformation and horror stories. If we were really concerned about harms caused by drug abuse, we would encourage the use of cannabis as a safer and saner alternative to really deadly drugs like tobacco and alcohol.

The truth is that many people use cannabis. If you don’t know many people who use cannabis, then you have lived a sheltered life.  Recent surveys report that more than 16% of Canadians admit to a stranger that they use cannabis.  Cannabis, however, is neither bad nor good: if used properly, it can provide some individuals with great benefits and at worst is a waste of time for those who use it improperly.  The fact that the great majority of people can make this decision wisely is reflected by the fact that by every measure – educational success, intelligence, monetary achievement, longevity, and health – cannabis users are indistinguishable from the rest of the population.

Legislation passed first reading in the recently dissolved parliament to introduce mandatory minimum jail sentences for cannabis-related crimes. If these laws are reintroduced, then we are in for a U.S. Style war on drugs with many more people in prison and many more people hurt.

Don’t let it be said:

When they came for the pot smokers,
I did not speak out …


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