Join up with the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party.

Unfortunately, the SKMP can not currently accept e-cheques or credit transactions via the internet. In order to get a membership, please follow these instructions.

First, download the membership form here (PDF Document) and print it off.

Fill out the personal information legibly. Please fill out all of the fields. This information is kept private and not released to any third party. If you are unsure as to which constituency you are in, please leave this field blank. Please note that this is your provincial constituency and not your federal riding name.

Take note that the annual membership fee is $10. You may send along a cheque or money order but not cash. Cash payments for membership may be made only in person.

Please take note of the membership benefits.

If you wish to receive the LEAF newsletter published locally, please check "yes"

If you wish to receive one SKMP grinder, please check "yes"

Please read the membership certification and then sign and date the form. Your membership will not be processed and funds returned to you if your membership form is not filled out fully.

After you have completed your form, mail it, along with payment to the address stated at the end of the form.

As of April 15th, 2007, the SKMP Executive Council passed a motion that would see all memberships expire on April 20th of each year. This does not apply to memberships purchased within the same year.

When purchasing a membership, please keep in mind that you will be expected to renew the membership each year by April 20th (4/20) or lose your membership.

Please note the following examples.

A membership purchased on January 1st 2007 will expire on April 20th of 2008.

A membership purchased on December 1st 2007 will expire on April 20th of 2008.

The SKMP has made this change retroactive and extended for early party members. All memberships purchased in 2006/2007 will expire on April 20th of 2008.

If you have any questions, please call our party president at 260-2952

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