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Saskatchewan Marijuana Party Founding Convention
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Sunday, 03 December 2021

   Come out, you are invited to the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party's Founding Convention. It will be a great

time to move this party forward in the new year with the help of our members. After a day of discussion 

and debate, the nights events will top it off.  


Senator Hotel
243 21st Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
11:00 Registration
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Speech on Constitution
1:00 Constitution discussion and ratification
2:30 Nominations and vote for executive
 3:00 Nominations and vote for candidates
3:30 Resolutions
6:30 Victory Speeches
7:00 Beer night and supper
M embers get in for $10.00 and Observers get in for $50.00 
I hope to see all the members with friends and family show up  

For our members we would love for you to get involved

Write a Resolution

A resolution is a statement that an individual member of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party can put forward for consideration by convention delegates. Resolutions will be priorized at the convention in accordance with the rules set out in our constitution.If you are considering writing a resolution, it is suggested you read the constitution and the following information If you write a resolution, you may forward it to the party executive in advance of the convention. Information on submitting resolutions will be provided on the SKMP site prior to the convention. A resolution is worded in a particular way. The format is outlined below and help on wording your resolution can be found online. You can also present your ideas on our forums at www.saskmp.ca for debate.

The Following sections make up the resolution:

1. A TITLE which identifies the problem or issue or its proposed solution. AUTHOR lists which club of Executive Board member is submitting the Resolution.

2. The PREAMBLE which is used when factual information is nec- essary to support the RESOLVED section. Each PREAMBLE clause should be written as a separate paragraph, beginning with the word Whereas. The first word should begin with a capital letter. The PREAMBLE, regardless of its length and number of para- graphs, should never contain a period. Each paragraph should close with a semi-colon.

3. The RESOLVED section indicates what action is proposed. There may be more than one Resolved clauses, each stated sepa- rately. The word RESOLVED is underlined and printed in capital letters, followed by a comma and the word THAT. Each resolved clause must be a separate paragraph and maybe ended with a


Run for an executive position of Leader or Vice-President or put your name into running under the SKMP banner as a candidate. There are 58 Constituency's that need to be filled altogether. We will have the detailed list at the convention. 

Help us ratify our constitution and make changes to be introduced at the convention. Find our Constitution on our www.saskmp.ca/forum in the Newsletter electronic version. As well in the paper newsletter that members received in the mail. 



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