Election Night
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Wednesday, 07 November 2021
The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party will be having an election night party beginning at 8:30pm Wednesday November the 7th at Walkers' nightclub .  Like the other major political parties the SKMP would like to invite all media outlets to join us in celebration of our first general election.  This "victory" party will feature party leader Nathan Holowaty as well as other candidates running in the Saskatoon area.  Candidates will be available to do interviews as well. Nathan Holowaty will address his supporters shortly after the results of the election are in.  Walkers' nightclub is located in the basement of 255 3rd Avenue South in downtown Saskatoon between 21st and 20th street. 

Saskatchewan Marijuana Party Targets “Big Three” political parties.
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Sunday, 04 November 2021

Nov. 4, 2007: For Immediate Release


Saskatoon - The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party is proud to announce the release of its latest campaign targeting the big three political parties and the confusion they have caused in regard to marijuana policy.  Millions of taxpayer's dollars have been spent on the failed policy of marijuana prohibition and all three main political parties will continue to provide provincial funding to uphold prohibition in Saskatchewan.  These actions completely contradict the direction provided to Canadians from the Senate’s Special Committee on Illegal drugs, effectively wasting millions more of taxpayers dollars.  SKMP leader Nathan Holowaty states, "The Senate report from 2002 was one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on marijuana in Canada and when politicians disrespect this report they are also disrespecting the millions of taxpayers dollars it cost Canadians to pay for the study".

Serge LeClerc, who is running in Saskatoon Northwest for the Saskatchewan Party, has been quoted as saying "I was the co-leader of one of Canada's most powerful drug families, I have done a lot of evil and destroyed a lot of lives."  He has been pardoned for his role of heading a $40 million drug operation, he has served his time and he now runs a faith based recovery program for at risk youths.  If there is anybody that should understand how the drug war fuels crime and violence, it’s Mr. LeClerc.

Holowaty states, "This just seems very controversial that someone such as Mr. LeClerc is running for political office.  I understand he has turned his life around, however his hypocrisy should raise some serious questions with the voters of Saskatchewan.  If elected Wall and LeClerc will continue to fund provincial government departments which uphold marijuana prohibition, even though this policy directly contradicts what is best for the people of Saskatchewan.  Who benefits from this continued policy?"




For More Information:


Nathan Holowaty, Leader


Sask. Marijuana Party

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Mike Kereiff, Deputy Leader


Sask. Marijuana Party

Candidate Profiles
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Thursday, 25 October 2021

Saskatoon Centre 

Nathan Holowaty grew up in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and now lives in the downtown core of Saskatoon.  On November 7th he will be running for a membership in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly in his home riding of Saskatoon Centre.  In the spring of 2004, Nathan Holowaty graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Political studies.  In autumn of 2004 he decided to use his education towards helping found a new provincial political party called the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party (SKMP).  The SKMP is a one issue political party that advocates ending marijuana prohibition in Saskatchewan. Nathan Holowaty has been the leader of the SKMP since it became a registered provincial political party.  He helped to collect a petition with over 2500 signatures; which had to be collected in ridings all across Saskatchewan in order to become a registered political party.  The petition for the registration of the SKMP was handed in on April 20th 2006.

Nathan Holowaty believes that the prohibition of marijuana creates more harm to society than good.  He believes in peace and personal freedom.  He would like to see that no one ends up in jail for marijuana.  He is a socially responsible libertarian who believes that ending prohibition of marijuana will provide a more lucrative reality for everyone.

Saskatoon Meewasin

Matt L. Oscienny has been a proud resident of Saskatchewan his entire life.  Raised in the northern community of Lac La Ronge, the Metis Oscienny has always had a strong interest in both the civil rights and social liberties movements.

Matt L. Oscienny moved to Saskatoon in late 2000 and quickly fell in love with the city and its people.  With a growing interest in psychology, politics, and social issues, Matt Oscienny is taking time off from his studies at the University of Saskatchewan to pursue a position in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly for the Saskatoon Meewasin Area.

Matt L. Oscienny joined the SKMP to advocate his views of personal freedom and civil liberties.  Oscienny reminds us... "It's not a war on drugs but a war on personal freedom.  Just remember that at all times."


Saskatoon Riversdale 

Michael Kereiff is the Deputy Leader of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party and candidate for Saskatoon Riversdale. Having lived in the city for more than ten years, Michael is well known as an activist and trombone playing rapper. You can find him rhyming under the moniker 'Jimmy Schmidt' or blowing his own horn with the Oral Fuentes Band when he's not busy being the sous-chef at Holiday Park Golf Course. Like any politician, Michael likes small children, kittens, puppies, and shorter wait times for surgeries. Running against incumbent Lorne Calvert, who spends most of his time in Regina of all places, Michael is clearly the best choice to represent the wishes and demographics of this riding.


Regina Coronation Park 


Tom Shapiro is running for the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party in Regina, Coronation Park Riding. Tom, originally from Ontario, has spent some years in Vancouver seeking treatment for AIDS, and finally settled in Regina for the last decade with his new wife, also of Regina, Sask.

Tom Shapiro is alive today because of marijuana. When Tom was diagnosed, AIDS was killing its victims.  Today, with a host of medications including marijuana, Tom is still alive and kicking.

 “Marijuana is a plant that has been used as medicine for thousands of years,” says Tom, “and for all that time, marijuana abuse was never a problem.  Now sick people are denied their medicine due to our governments fear of something that never was!”

Tom holds a Health Canada license for medical marijuana, but that doesn’t stop the harassment he receives. He must reapply for his license every year and every year there is some new challenge.  “Why would we trouble sick people?  Get out of the way and let them live their lives,” says Tom. Tom takes a serious look at our Health care system as well as the war on drugs and believes changes are needed in both areas.

AIDS is not the only condition helped by marijuana.  “Health Canada will give licenses for multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer,” says Tom, “but they sure drag their feet about it – and terminal illnesses are not the only conditions that improve with the use of marijuana. Migraine, Crohn’s Disease, irritable bowel, chronic pain, and spastic paraplegia are a few of the conditions that can be treated with marijuana.”

 Time has come to stop the farce of the war on marijuana.  More than 70,000 Canadians will be arrested this year, and for what?  Here in Saskatchewan we should protect our citizens from this nonsense.  There is simply no evidence that any of the money wasted on prohibition has done anything to reduce problem drug use: on the contrary, prohibition makes things worse.

 A vote for Tom Shapiro is a vote for a safer, healthier world.

 For more information, contact Tom Shapiro at \n This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


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SKMP Candidates: Election 2007
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Monday, 22 October 2021

The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party is pleased to announce that we are running five candidates in the provincial election. 


Nathan Holowaty                                  Saskatoon Centre

Mike Kereiff                                           Saskatoon Riversdale

Christine King                                        Saskatoon Nutana

Matt Oscienny                                       Saskatoon Meewasin

Tom Shapiro                                          Regina Coronation Park 

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Party Platform
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Tuesday, 16 October 2021

The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party believes that the prohibition of cannabis has had a profoundly negative impact on our Canadian democratic society.  We have criminalized millions of our fellow Canadians for enjoying a recreational and medicinal substance that is far less harmful than legal substances such as tobacco, alcohol or prescription drugs.  Medical patients are being deprived of their medicine by the excessive bureaucracy created by the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations .  The drug war has created a vast black market that fuels terrorism, gangs, and violence.  Meanwhile, demand for drugs keeps increasing.  Youth disrespect our laws, as the drug laws are almost completely unenforceable.  The SKMP would immediately stop enforcing these laws if elected and create workable regulations to insure a safe and healthy community.


The drug war is a completely failed social policy – yet our provincial leaders are silent on drug policy.  Ending the drug war by repealing prohibition and regulating the use and sale of cannabis has widespread support from many different groups including Students for Sensible Drug Policy , Educators for Sensible Drug Policy , Law Enforcement Against Prohibition , the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy , Safety First, and the Media Awareness Project . 


With your help, Saskatchewan can lead the way in the fight against prohibition.  We can become an example to the world for fact-based cannabis policy.

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Provincial Election
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Saturday, 13 October 2021

This is an exciting time for cannabis activists living in the province of Saskatchewan.  The SKMP is gearing up to run in our first provincial election.  As we prepare to head to the polls on Nov. 7th, 2007, we need all you letter writers and door knockers to help us out.

 If you are tired of your money being wasted on the war on drugs, let the politicians that know you won't be voting for them. 

 If you would like to help out the SKMP, please contact us at:

Nathan Holowaty, Leader


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