A Resounding Success
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Sunday, 14 January 2021

It was truly heart warming to see a number of our members at the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party's founding convention.  We sat together through policy resolutions, votes and a lengthy discussion concerning the party's constitution.  A copy will be available to the public in the near future for download.  Look as well in the near future for convention video footage highlighting some notable portions of the event.

Our convention was exciting and certainly an historic milestone for the party.  Nathan Holowaty's position as party leader was challenged and reaffirmed as the membership readily endorsed his leadership into a coming provincial election.  The executive council saw a groundswell of interest as there were more candidates than positions.  Several of us were very happy to see all nine of our vice presidential positions filled by enthusiastic members of the SKMP, a party just now coming out of its infancy.

As we look forward and think of what is to come, we can do so with the knowledge that our party is armed with a passionate executive council, a confident and well backed leader and of course, a strikingly handsome president.

I would very much like to take this opportunity to end this message with thanks to the members of the SKMP for ratifying my appointment as party president unanimously. I hope to see you all again many times throughout the year as we work towards a better future for Saskatchewan, Canada and indeed the world.

Ethan Erkiletian

President, Sask. Marijuana Party 

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Our Convention
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Thursday, 11 January 2021

Public Service Announcement:

Saskatchewan Marijuana Party Convention

Senator Hotel, 243 21st Street E, Saskatoon Sk

Saturday Jan. 13, 2007


            The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party will host its founding convention at the dawn of the New Year, Saturday Jan.13 2007. The first convention, since the SKMP’s ratification, will find a home in the basement of the Senator Hotel, 243 21st Street East, in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

            It will be held on the one day 11 a.m. -6 p.m. with the after party starting at 7 p.m.

            The party aims to create its founding constitution, to ratify the executive, to nominate candidates for constituencies, and to propose policy. A strong day of work and discussion should provide the party the foundation to begin its first full year.

All members, current and potential, are encouraged to come to provide their voice and influence. Members get in at $10 and Observers at $50. Complimentary passes shall be allotted to the press.

More information can be found online at www.saskmp.ca. To get in contact for registration or further information phone 229-2265 and ask for Jonathan Bodvarson, SKMP President.


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Defense Fund Benefit
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Thursday, 11 January 2021

Public Service Announcement:

Local Concert

Jazz Bassment, 245 3rd Ave S, Saskatoon Sk

Sunday Jan. 21, 7 p.m.



            The Saskatchewan Marijuana Party proudly supports the event at the Jazz Bassment, Sunday Jan. 21, for the Robert Godfrey Legal Defense Fund. It will be a musical tribute featuring Ross Campbell, Poppin’ the Clutch, and Don Milliken. The profits will go to the Robert Godfrey Legal Defense Fund aiding Robert Godfrey in his current legal situation.

            Robert Godfrey is a member of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party executive. The other members of the executive are giving their moral support to Robert. The Party will be behind its member through the legal trials and whichever outcome occurs.

            As well the Party is offering as much financial support that is possible at this time. Besides helping to sponsor the event at the Jazz Bassment, the Party had made a past donation and hopes to make a donation from money raised at the Party’s convention, Jan. 13.

            There are some concerns the Party has with this case in the general sense. One, the Saskatoon Police admitted to a two year investigation. This is a disgraceful waste of the tax payer’s money. Loss of this one supplier will in no way curb the use of Marijuana, the trade will go on.

            Second, if this drug is such a scourge on society, then why did not the police move in sooner? This action of delay shows it is more about criminalizing people then eliminating drugs.  

            The Party hopes through this trial, that these issues get addressed. The waste of tax payers money, the need of the shift of this waste to more useful police priorities, and to avoid allowing sacrifices of specific individuals that justify the ‘hard work’ done by the police and their public budgets. 

            For more information on the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party or the Legal Defense Fund event contact:

            Jonathan Bodvarson

            Tel. 1-306-229-2265

Saskatchewan Marijuana Party Founding Convention
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Sunday, 03 December 2021

   Come out, you are invited to the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party's Founding Convention. It will be a great

time to move this party forward in the new year with the help of our members. After a day of discussion 

and debate, the nights events will top it off.  


Senator Hotel
243 21st Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saturday, January 13th, 2007
11:00 Registration
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Speech on Constitution
1:00 Constitution discussion and ratification
2:30 Nominations and vote for executive
 3:00 Nominations and vote for candidates
3:30 Resolutions
6:30 Victory Speeches
7:00 Beer night and supper
M embers get in for $10.00 and Observers get in for $50.00 
I hope to see all the members with friends and family show up  
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Tuesday, 02 January 2021

This AD is airing on CFCR to promote Robert Godfrey's Legal Defense Fund


Hi, I'm Nathan Holowaty, leader of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party inviting you for a night of fund and good music in support of Robert Godfrey's legal defense fund.

Robert Godfrey, long-time Marijuana activist and CFCR Radio-Host is facing every Marijuana's users nightmare, criminal prosecution for growing Marijuana.

Jan.21, join Ross Campbell, Poppin' the Clutch and Don Milliken for a night of music at the Jazz Bassment at 7:30 p.m.

Or Donate directly to the Robert Godfrey Defense Fund at the Saskatoon Civic Credit Union or at the North Gate Motel where Robert works.

This event is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party, B.O.B Headquarters, and the Vinyl Exchange.

For more information, go to www.saskmp.ca 


It sounds really good, and Nathan did a great job! 

So all members come out to this event and feel free to donate to the defense fund as well. The proceeds from the after party at the convention will go to the legal defense fund.

Although the convention is only for members and registered observers, the after party will be open to all! It will start at 7 p.m. on Saturday Jan. 13. 

The event at the Jazz Bassment, 245 3rd Ave S, will be Sunday Jan. 21. 


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Backlash has Begun
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Friday, 24 November 2021

Yesterday in the legislature, SK party MLA of Kelvington-Wadena June Draude, made some outlandish comments. In her attempt to discredit the NDP she only has shown her own hypocrisy. 

Ms. Draude: — Mr. Speaker, the NDP went to great lengths to ensure that you can’t smoke a cigarette in a café in Saskatchewan. Yet the federal leader of the NDP Party says you should be able to smoke a joint in a café.

Mr. Speaker, does the Premier support this leader? To the Premier: should you be able to smoke up in a Saskatchewan café where other people including children may be present and harmed by second-hand smoke?

The contradiction that was being labeled is one that is fleeting at best. Although, the SKMP and many of its members do not support many of the anti-tobacco laws of the province, the SK Party's stance is a contradiction in itself. They have used the current NDP resolution in an attempt to back their pro-tobacco stance. 

Tobacco and its second hand smoke have, through scientific data, have proven health risks. This has not yet been confirmed about Cannabis. The SK Party does not really care about the health of Saskatchewan but just their position of prejudice. 

The quote used by Ms. Draude on Jack Layton is a sneaky perversion. When Cannabis is legalized it will probably not be in public cafe's but only enjoyed in the privacy of our homes. To use Layton's quote in a practical sense rather than an abstract understanding of the resulting freedom is a ploy of ignorance.

The disinformation continues as Ms. Draude creates fear around Marijuana. To ensure safety, and avoid the danger of laced Marijuana would be through legalization. Yet, the SK Party does not want to look at these options but will remain in a blind ignorance, and spread it like its gospel.  


It’s extremely disheartening to see this NDP promoting the use of marijuana now. And the latest trend, according to police and according to the kids on the street, drug producers lace marijuana with crystal meth making it even more addictive. Mr. Speaker, we have fought very hard against crystal meth. Why is the NDP now minimizing this fight by promoting marijuana usage?


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