Marc Emery Live!
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Wednesday, 25 July 2021

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Marc Emery will be speaking and entertaining questions at the Saskatoon Library downtown branch, from 3pm until 5pm, Saturday, July 28th.

Following his speaking engagement, Marc will participate in a Rally/BBQ across the street at Saskatoon City Hall. Protestors will mark Emery’s incarceration in Saskatoon in 2004 and protest ongoing extradition hearings for the BC3.

Come out and meet the ‘Prince of Pot’ and show your support for the cannabis culture.

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BBQ in the park!
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Friday, 22 June 2021

Remember, the SKMP's annual "joint" BBQ fundraiser is going on tomorrow.  That's June 23rd, 2007.  This year, half of our proceeds will be going to AIDS Saskatoon.  AIDS Saskatoon is an incredible local outreach agency that does incredible work in our province.

Check out www.aidssaskatoon.com for more information on this organization.

So come on out to friendship park (At the foot of the Broadway bridge in Saskatoon) from 12:00-6:00 or so and munch on a tasty burger or hot dog and wash it down with a cool refreshing drink.  Half our proceeds will go straight to the SKMP coffers and half will quickly find its way to AIDS Saskatoon.

Hang out in the park with the SKMP and take a day off.  Just kick back and relax.

Student's freedom of speech suppressed
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Tuesday, 12 June 2021
June 12th, 2007

Wawota SK - This morning at 11:05AM, high school students at the Wawota Parkland School will abandon classes and walk out of school to protest the suppression of a student's freedom of speech.

Kieran King, an individual who does not use marijuana and has offered to submit to a voluntary drug test to prove this fact, was threatened with unknown police action as a result of his expressing his opinions concerning marijuana while in school. Kieran spoke often to peers on his own research concerning marijuana and his opinion that it should be legal. Kieran had also mentioned data and statistics that make a case for marijuana being a safer substance for consumption than alcohol. Upon learning of Kieran's choice to speak to other students about this, principle Susan Wilson placed a call to Kieran's parents and in no uncertain terms accused Kieran of using and selling marijuana at school. Susan Wilson was and is not currently able to present any evidence to substantiate these claims. Susan Wilson proceeded to tell Kieran's mother that if he were to continue speaking about marijuana in school, she would call the police. Mrs. Wilson in another phone call later said that Kieran could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Kieran's freedom of speech was suppressed by Mrs. Wilson who went so far as to threaten Kieran with police action simply for doing what all great Canadians seek to do, enter the great national debate which keeps our democracy alive. Senator Larry Campbell has written a letter of support and locals in Saskatchewan along with the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party have promised to gather together to stand in solidarity with students as they demand that the Wawota Parkland school deal with this situation without resorting to threats, intimidation and the violation of student's rights.

Kieran King is an honour roll student who will be leaving shortly to China in order to engage in private tutoring abroad. He has appealed to the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party for help in ensuring his freedom of speech is protected and that this situation is not left unresolved.
Because I Smoke Pot
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Tuesday, 05 June 2021

This is perhaos one of the most heartwrenching videos I have seen in a great deal of time on the medical marijuana subject.  I had to post it as I felt it simply must be seen by any who may come accross it.

Catch up items
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Tuesday, 22 May 2021

So it strikes me that a few things should be posted here for reference by any who can view our webpage.

Did you receive your new membership?

Recently we sent out a slew of new membership cards.  A motion was recently passed by the SKMP Executive Council that sees all membership expire on April 20th the year after they were purchased.   Old members were "grandfathered" and all current memberships will expire on April 20th of 2008.

New membership cards also include a new numbering system that is used to ensure we are able to keep better track of who is where on our membership list.  If you haven't received your new membership card (with an april 20th, 2008 expiry date) please contact us to let us know.

Do you have a "facebook" account? 

Facebook is proving to be a great social networking tool for the SKMP.  If you don't have a facebook account, head on over to www.facebook.com  and register today.  It's super easy and is a great way to keep abreast of what's happening with the SKMP and several other cannabis activism related organizations.  Just find a few friends, add members of the SKMP as friends (we're really quiet friendly) and you're good to go.  You could start with me (Ethan Erkiletian) or any other member of the SKMP executive council and see your network grow.

 We have a number of people on facebook attending our second annual joint fundraising BBQ.  If you help us by adding to the number of RSVPs, you'll ensure the continued success of this annual SKMP event.

Have you heard of the Hershey boycott?

Also listed on the facebook website, the Hershey boycott is a very noble boycott indeed.  Google "Kenneth Affolter" and read a bit about it.  Mr. Affolter, a med-pot activist and entrepreneur, is being slammed with a $100,000 law suit from the Hershey Corporation.

This is an unjust, unnecessary, vindictive and cruel lawsuit.  Check out the facebook website or www.cannabisculture.com for more details on the extensive list of Hershey products and further details concerning the boycott. 

Give Hershey's a call and let them know exactly what you think and that you will be actively avoiding their products until they drop this vindictive lawsuit.  Remember to please be polite when registering your complaint and comments.

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET

Are you planning to attend our June 23rd Joint Fundraiser BBQ?

This year the SKMP is holding a joint fundraiser with AIDS Saskatoon.  The fundraiser will be located at Friendship Park at the foot of the Broadway bridge.  This park in Saskatoon features the statue of Gabriel Dumont atop a horse.  The date will be June 23rd and the SKMP will be BBQing tasty grub from 12:00PM to around 6:00 or 8:00 in the evening.

Last year we were able to raise $150 for the Saskatoon Food Bank and $150 for the SKMP coffers.  We plan to have a much greater level of success for this second event and are looking forward to having a lot of fun as well.  If you would like to volunteer for this event or if you would like help in holding a similar event in your area, give us a call at (306) 260-2952 (Saskatoon local) and chit chat with us.

Ethan Erkiletian
President, Saskatchewan Marijuana Party
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GMMs in Saskatchewan
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Monday, 07 May 2021

There were two Global Marijuana Marches in Saskatchewan that the SKMP is aware of and both of them could certainly be considered a success.  For a detailed report from NORML Saskatchewan, check out their website and 2007 GMM blurb here .

While Regina had about 350 in attendance, Saskatoon had a modest turnout of about 50-60 enthusiastic folks marching to support the idea of repealing prohibition.  Starting at the Vimy Memorial in the downtown of Saskatoon, Marchers made their way to City Hall being greeted by honks of support from passing motorists and cheers of encouragment from the happy citizens of Saskatoon. 

The SKMP was present and happy to give out free food to the hungry marchers as they gathwred in the park to relax and enjoy the sun.  SKMP leader Nathan Holowaty was in attendance and happy to see people turning out in support of the cause.  Considering that in 2006, the Saskatoon GMM had consisted of only about 5 or 6 die hard supporters, organizers for 2007 were happy to see the turnout that they did.

Check out the video below to get a feel for the fantastic 2007 GMM in Saskatoon.


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